суббота, 26 ноября 2011 г.


This night after coming home about 4:30 AM and lacking the wish to sleep I've spent some time looking for one paper in me room. The thing is that, if one stores papers like I do - without any order and in lots of different places, then looking for a particular paper one will come across a bunch of different papers and some of them may appear surprising. Actually this night I've come across several papers of my own which surprised me, but I would like to mention only one of them here. 

The paper dates back to the year 2009 or 2008, although it was easy for me to remeber all the reasons which made me write it. That time saw a spike of my interest in writing and blogging, that is I used to write fairly frequently and didn't focus on any particular topic. The paper I am talking about for instance is devoted to my experience in Ultima Online MMORPG and the game itself. By the time of writing the note I have already stopped playing this magnificent game, although the memories of it prompted me to remember all the pleasure I've got when I was playing. Another reason behind writing this particular paper was my desire to analyse and understand why was the game so amazing for me, although in the case of this particular paper this reason was less important. However it was not the subject of the paper that surprised me. Moreover the style, haven't surprised me much too. That was my own handwriting that impressed me fairly strong.

The paper was written about the time when I turned to using a fountain pen instead of usual one. I know that shortly after getting the fountain pen I've changed my handwriting significantly. Partially it was caused by the fact that writing with a fountain pen differs from writing with a ballpoint, but mainly it was the result of my conscious efforts to make my writing look better, so the changes were evident. Nevertheless now the fact that I've changed my handwriting that significantly and the satisfaction of the result impresses me a lot. Additionally I suppose that if I came across some older paper - dating back to my school years for example - then the effect  would not be that strong, so actually the fact that 3 years ago my handwriting was completely different surprised me that much. 

Finally it is evident that it surprised me in this good and strong way because it is a sort of little confirmation of the suggestion that I've changed a lot over the past three years.