среда, 4 января 2012 г.

Righteous Insomnia

Note: I do not connect the word "(un)righteous" and any of it's derivatives with religion - either with any specific one or with religion in general. A kind of explanation of my understanding of righteousness and unrighteousness may be extracted from the lines below.

About a half a year ago I've somehow concluded that insomnia is caused by living an unrighteous life. The reasoning behind this conclusion is pretty simple and obvious: insomnia is usually closely related to unstoppable thinking about problems and choices one encounters and with the attempts to find proper solutions to these problems and to make a good choice. At the same time inability to solve a problem or to make a choice is frequently caused by a lack of inner principles or by failing to follow these. This way we come to unrighteousness because being unrighteous means exactly to be unable to follow one's moral principles or to lack these principles.

The simplicity of such an explanation to insomnia attracted me. Moreover there is another reason why I haven't explored the problem deeper - everytime I struggled with insomnia myself it had been precisely because of my own lack of righteousness and for an unrighteous one it was much more difficult to see one more possible reason for insomnia. If you think this out you may notice that such an explanation to the problem of insomnia isn't complete - that is it fails to predict insomnia in some cases because righteous people are exposed to the problem too. Moreover it is easy to discover that if one has very strong moral principles, is confident about these and doesn't fail to live accordingly, then such a person has even greater chances to encounter insomnia one night. In other words, the more righteous one is - the more is he or she exposed to insomnia.

The explanation here turns out to be fairly simple too: righteous people are usually surrounded by unrighteous ones and the fact is that the former tend to care about the latter. So even if you're extremely righteous, your relatives and friends sometimes do act in an unrighteous manner and if your principles are strong you may at least get upset if someone you admire acts in a manner you consider wrong. This way when a close friend of yours behaves unrighteously you feel sorry and sometimes even guilty for that. Whenever feelings of this kind prevent somebody from sleeping I would call it a righteous insomnia.

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