четверг, 1 октября 2020 г.

Three Starters

During the last weeks among other things I've been repeatedly facing each of the following three completely unrelated tasks:

  • Work with an HTTP API either to test it or to run a series of files/data-based queries, for example, to upload some data to a new service or to check how a service responds to particular kind of HTTP load,
  • Configure basic HTTP endpoints monitoring with alerts sent to a messenger,
  • Create a simple NextJS website.
I expect to run into each of these tasks again more than once, so I assembled three starter repositories, which I can simply clone and reconfigure according to the needs of the next projects. All three are available on github - feel free to use in your own endeavours.

Clojure HTTP Playground

Use REPL to run any kinds of http requests, utlizing full power and interactivity of Clojure to process the data being sent and received.

Prometheus Blackbox Probing Starter

Set up basic available/unavailable monitoring with Telegram alerts for HTTP(S) endpoints

NextJS Website Starter

Bootstrap a simple website/landing, starting with basic styling, some degree of responsiveness, a couple reusable components and (hopefully) easily reconfigurable color theme.

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